Killer "Needs" Sex Change

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A psychiatrist says a killer needs a sex change or he will die.

So many thoughts.

A. Saying you will kill yourself if you do not get something does not mean you actually need it, it means you are either immature or insane. The doctor is being extremely disingenuous in claiming this surgery is necessary, and comparing it to a liver transplant. And saying the surgery is medically necessary is a bald-faced lie, and the doctor should be held in contempt of court.

His lawyer said, "we ask that gender identity disorder be treated like any other medical condition." The problem is that it isn't. It's a psychological condition. Blurring the line between the two is excusable for a lawyer, who is paid to say stupid things, but not for a doctor.

What if I said, "I need a tattoo of Satan or I will kill myself"? Would they pay for that too? What about a tattoo of JFK kissing Satan, would that be OK? Where is the line for what it is acceptable to extort from the justice system, and what is not?

B. The judge looks like a fool by using female pronouns for Michelle (formerly Robert) Kosilek. Courtrooms are supposed to be places of facts and objectivity, and Kosilek, despite legally changing his name, is a man.

C. I don't think tax dollars should even be given for his hormone treatment or laser hair removal and so on. How does any of this have any benefit to society? It's one thing to listen to a guy complain that he believes he is a woman, but to enable that process is something else, and the government has no business doing it.

D. If he wants to kill himself, he can be my guest. I don't think the family of his wife Cheryl, whose neck he wrapped a wire around, squeezing it until she died -- bringing about a conviction of murder in the first degree, under the theories of both premeditation and extreme atrocity -- would mind.

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