Black Music History Month

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iTunes Music Store informs me that June is Black Music History Month. Now, I love music by black Americans as much as anyone. I constantly have Stevie Wonder and Miles Davis in my playlist.

But isn't Black History Month long enough to also focus on music? 28 days is a long time. If not, maybe we could move Black History Month to March, get those three extra days to focus on music.

Or maybe this is a good idea, spread it out over the whole year.

  • January: Black Leaders History Month (coincide with MLK Day)
  • February: Black History History Month
  • March: Black Sports History Month
  • April: Black Culinary History Month
  • May: Black Technology History Month
  • June: Black Music History Month
  • July: Black Military History Month
  • August: Black Vacation History Month
  • September: Black Education History Month
  • October: Black Candy History Month
  • November: Black Yardwork History Month
  • December: Black Holiday History Month

OK, obviously, I kinda ran out of topics. So maybe 12 is too many; maybe they can be every other month.

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