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On the local news tonight, a group of leaders of various houses of worship of various faiths -- Christian, Jewish, something called Earth Something Or Other -- banded together to oppose coal-burning energy plants.

But that's not the joke, hold on.

At first I thought it was going to be because so many people die from mining coal. But no, it is because, they say, people get sick from coal being burned. Which is true, but obviously not nearly as true as they made it sound. And what about the people who die from not getting enough heat, or from other related problems, because we don't have enough electricity because we shut down all the coal-burning plants, which supply the majority of our electricity? And besides, I thought environmentalism was already a religion unto itself?

That's not the joke either.

One of the church leaders said that if we do not stop coal-burning plants for the next generation, there may not be a next generation.

OK, now you can laugh.

Since obviously burning coal does not actually kill significant numbers of people, let alone whole generations of people, I wonder if his saying so was not a prediction about the deathly powers of coal, but a threat to destroy everyone on Earth if his demands are not met. Ready the Cobalt Thorium G! slashdot.org

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