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Now, I noted in my last journal that the media is way too full of itself sometimes. However, I am not anti-press, and I think this incredible egoism can be put to good use. For example, they could all walk out on the President, like they did to the Prime Minister in Canada.

We've had similar issues here, with prescreened questions or questioners, and so on. A bigger problem, I believe, is the off-the-record background briefings. But whatever the issue, if they believe it compromises their integrity or the integrity of the process, or if they believe it would be nothing but PR for the President and they are being used, the press should just walk out. Refuse to participate. Same thing with the secret trip to Baghdad. If you do not like how it is done, then don't do it.

The press cannot dictate how things should be done, but it can refuse to play along if something is done in a way they dislike. Heck, the Canadians did it. slashdot.org

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