Biden "Insult"

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Senator Biden talks about how great it is that Indian-Americans are coming into Delaware in droves, and how they run a ton of the convenience stores and donut shops.

So what? What's wrong with that? Don't they?

Is there something wrong with running a gas station or donut shop? Isn't that why they came here, to run a business and make a living and provide for their families? Isn't that a good thing, and shouldn't we welcome it, and praise it?

He didn't state or imply this is what all Indian-Americans do. He just gave that as a great example of them succeeding in America.

What am I missing?

That said, while I see nothing wrong with the comment (apart from being insensitive to political correctness, which is fine by me), I do agree with that article that there's a big double-standard here, that most Republicans would have been destroyed over a statement like this.

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