Climate Change

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From Lou Doubbs last night:

MICHAEL MANN, CLIMATE SCIENTIST: Well, there's clear agreement among the leading scientists in this field that humans are having an influence on the climate. There are several different lines of evidence that are independent. Just the basic physics of how the atmosphere and the climate system works tell us that increasing greenhouse gas concentrations should warm the surface.

DOBBS: Well, if you all as leading scientists, with your best science, your best minds working in the field, agree that there is global warming and that greenhouse gases emissions are responsible for all or part of it, what can we do, Gavin, to deal with the issue?

GAVIN SCHMIDT, CLIMATE SCIENTIST: First of all, we have to understand the physical basis for those changes. We need to understand the greenhouse gases, we need to understand the effects of ozone and black carbon. And then, once we've understood the question, we can come back and say, well, what are the behaviors that we have as a society that are creating these problems? And then what we need to do is stop doing those behaviors and transfer our skills to another kind of...

DOBBS: To get on with the solution.

SCHMIDT: Right, to get on with the solution.


DOBBS: Well, what are we going to do? Let's on this broadcast tonight, LOU DOBBS TONIGHT, this broadcast decides global warming is caused by emissions. That discussion is over here. Let's talk about what we should do next.

MANN: Well, you know, first we have to start -- we have to stop the sort of the false debate that has been placed in the public discourse about the science. The science is agreed upon. And unfortunately, because it's an inconvenient conclusion...

So we don't know the physical basis for the changes, we don't know what behaviors we as a society engage in that cause the changes, but ... we sure do know that humans are influencing those changes! And we should stop having this "false debate" about whether it is true that we are influencing something that we don't understand!

I've come to the conclusion that most scientists simply do not understand the basic concepts of philosophy, and cannot be trusted to tell us what is and isn't true. They may be good at conducting experiments, but they suck at coming to conclusions. We really do need actual philosophers for these things.

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