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I no longer have access to an Intel Mac. I got a bug report, and I need help.

  • Install latest (as of a week or so ago) versions of some modules: Mac::Glue, Mac::Apps::Launch, Mac::AppleEvents::Simple, and Mac::Carbon (in reverse order of normal installation).
  • Install two small shell scripts, aedebug and glue.
  • Create a glue for iCal ("sudo gluemac /Applications/iCal.app")
  • Run this one-liner script:

    aedebug glue iCal '$x = $g->obj(event => gAny, calendar => gAny)->get; print $x->prop("summary")->get; my $t = $x->prop("start date")->get; print $t; print scalar localtime $t'

Then send me the entire output (there will be quite a bit of debugging output), either here (use the "Code" posting format), or via e-mail.


Update baud helped me out, so now I have a proper diagnosis of the problem, and I don't need further assistance for now. He also helped me uncover another problem that my test case here exposed, that was not in the original. W00t. use.perl.org

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