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Red Sox rookie lefthander Jon Lester, is 22 years old. He has five wins and no losses in eight starts, with a 2.38 ERA. In only his third career start last month he got 10 strikeouts on three hits and one run in six innings.

But tonight, he had his best start so far, giving up only one hit in eight innings (fellow rookie phenom Jon, this one Papelbon, got his 28th save of the year by setting down the side in order in the ninth, combining for the one-hitter).

Lester is also a native of Tacoma, WA, and is scheduled to start Sunday afternoon in Seattle. I hope they give him a nice homecoming; it should be a great game. I'm going to be there with fellow Perl Mongers brian d foy, jmcadams, and cxreg. I'll be at Saturday's game, too.

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