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Went to Sox @ Mariners games on Saturday and Sunday (my fault they lost, I guess, but my sunburn is my penance).

Chatted with half-drunk Mariners fan in front of me about various baseball things. His friend tells me the Sox pitcher coming into today is 5-0, has 2.78 ERA. I say no, it's 2.38. He says, no, 2.78, he saw it in the paper. I show him the printed notes I brought with me (I am keeping score of the game): 2.38. He says, when was that printed? This morning, say I; indeed, it's the official press notes from the team. He mumbles something.

Half-drunk fan offers me an official Hometown Heroes ballot. I say, no thanks, I'll vote online. brian d foy, Josh McAdams, and Dave O. (cxreg) all laugh. Half-drunk fan doesn't get it. We discuss how some teams have very few decent options for Hometown Heroes, and I note that Ted Williams has to be the pick for the Sox.

Bottom of the eighth, Timlin gives up a homer. cxreg notes, "Timlin doesn't do that much, does he?" I consult my notes again. Nope, that's only the second homer he's given up all year.

Top of the ninth, Sox down by one, Papi and Manny strike out. I toy with the idea of thinking Nixon should pinch hit for Varitek, but then decide, no, he is the Captain, and he should get the chance to do this. Fans start to leave. I note that they shouldn't be so quick to think they've won, all it takes is one swing of the bat to tie it. Next pitch, next swing, Varitek hits one just past us over the fence.

The polite Japanese men behind me -- most likely there as big Ichiro fans -- shake my hand in congratulations.

I spy Papelbon across the diamond with my monocular. He looks ready to go. He should pitch, I say. No reason to save him. Timlin's 40 years old, it's hot, and he's already given up one homer. The manager decides to save him for extra innings. Timlin gives up a homer to the first batter, only his third of the season.

The polite Japanese men shake my hand again, this time apologetically, but more enthusiastically.

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