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The wackos at Think Progress are at it again, taking something inconsequential or false and blowing it out of proportion.

Mehlman said on Meet the Press yesterday something that is true: the mission in Iraq is not stagnant. As problems crop up, the administration is trying to adjust to the realities on the ground. In that sense, we are not "staying the course."

So Think Progress mindlessly quotes a bunch of other Republicans, including Bush, saying we should "stay the course." But when Bush et al say we should "stay the course," their clear meaning for the phrase is "we should stay in Iraq until the mission is done." When Mehlman said we should not "stay the course," he clearly meant something different: that we should adapt to changes on the ground. But he also believes strongly that we should stay in Iraq until the mission is done.

So where's the disagreement? Where's the falsehood?

If you ignore the words used and look at the clear meaning of what was said, there is no disagreement, there is no falsehood. Nothing remotely like it. You can criticize Mehlman for playing word games, but not for lying, unless are ignorant or dishonest.

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