Shebaa Farms

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When Israel decided to finally pull out of Lebanon in accordance with UN resolutions, that angered some people in Lebanon, especially Hezbollah. You see, if Israel is not in Lebanon anymore, they have no more grievance, and can't convince anyone they have a right to attack Israel.

So Hezbollah said "hold on, you haven't left all of Lebanon, you're still in Shabaa Farms!"

And Israel said, "whaaaaa -- ?"

You see, Shebaa Farms had been occupied by Israel since 1967, as part of the Golan Heights. During the Six Day War, Syria was shelling Israel from the Golan Heights, so when Israel won the war, it held onto this strategic area, saying "you used this to attack us, so now it's ours."

So from 1967 to 2000, this area was basically recognized to be under Israeli control, having been seized by Syria. People would argue about whether the region should be returned to Syrian control.

But then in 2000, some Lebanese needed this additional territory to complain about, so after 33 years of not complaining about Israel occupying this territory that supposedly belonged to them, they said, "Hey, this is ours!"

Well, no one bought it. Kofi Annan himself said in 2000 that Israel fulfilled its obligation to pull out of Lebanon, despite claims about Shebaa Farms, and the UN has always recognized this area, for more than 50 years, to be part of what was previously Syrian territory. Some Syrian officials have said it is Lebanese, but not until 2006, and Syria has refused to take any legal action to conduct the transfer, including notifying the UN, so whatever statements they make about it cannot be taken seriously.

And even if Syria does transfer it to Lebanon, that still doesn't change the fact that for nearly 40 years, it's been territory under dispute between only Syria and Israel.

Disgraced MP George Galloway (echoing Hezbollah leaders) said the other day that Hezbollah was justified in attacking Israel because it is Israel that has been occupying Lebanon for more than 20 years. But this statement requires us to believe Shebaa Farms belongs to Lebanon, which is a new invention of the last six years, that even Syria agrees is not legally true. He called the interviewer ignorant for not believing his lie, and yelled a lot to make his point.

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