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So I saw a new ad, this time against John Groen, in favor of Gerry Alexander. It uses the word "EXTREME" a lot. It starts off with "Justice for sale?"

Then it says, "John Groen and far-right extremists are trying to buy our Supreme Court." If you count "running a campaign according to the laws set up by the legislature in order to win a seat on the Supreme Court" as "buying the Supreme Court," then sure. But then again, so Gerry Alexander, except he is doing it with "left-wing extremists."

"So extreme, they want to gut protections for our clean air and water." Yes, some of his contributors do. But Groen's only interest is upholding the law.

"They oppose stem cell research and a woman's right to choose." Not only are these not representative of Groen's views, they are entirely immaterial to the campaign, as these issues have little relevance in Washington state.

Then the whopper: "Special interests: skirting campaign finance laws; bankrolling John Groen."

"Skirting campaign finance laws" refers to the fact that the legislature set up new campaign finance rules for judges that went into effect June 1, and said that any money raised under the old rules before June 1 had to be spent by June 1. No problem: Groen did just that. And now he is being attacked for following the law.

It closes with "Keep our courts fair and impartial: vote for Gerry Alexander." Except, of course, they never even remotely made the case that Groen would not be fair and impartial. They only made the case that he has accepted donations from special interest groups, which is precisely what Alexander has done.

This ad -- from the left-wing Citizens to Uphold the Constitution (funded by service workers and teachers unions, local Indian tribes, and environmentalists) -- is not quite as dishonest as the BIAW ad supporting Groen, but it's pretty close.

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