Congressional Sex Scandal

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So the Republican mayor of Spokane, Jim West, is alleged to have had gay relationships with minors, though the allegations were never remotely proven. The left decries him. Typical Republican!, they say.

Now a Republican congressman apparently wrote sexual messages to congressional pages, at least one of whom was a 16-year-old male. The left is tearing him a new one ... so to speak.

Funny, but the left didn't have the same outcry when my former representative, Democrat Gerry Studds, had an actual sexual affair with a minor, male, page. This page was only one year older, 17. Indeed, the left today holds him up as a hero, and attacks the right for "demonizing" him.

Just ... funny. That's all.

(Side note: back then, there were only two openly gay Congressmen, Studds and Democrat Barney Frank. Studds was my rep from when I was born in '73 until '86, and then Frank was my rep from '96 to '03. I don't know much about Studds, since I was young, but my dad says even though he disagreed with him politically, that he was a good Congressman and a hard worker. I felt similarly about Frank. But none of that justifies the impropriety of what Studds did, and the Congress was absoultely right to censure him. Even if he weren't a minor, and regardless of his gender, you keep your hands off the pages, dude.)

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