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Next week our county GOP has a Central Committee meeting.

The Central Committee is all the PCOs (Precinct Committee Officers, the smallest elected unit of the party) and elected GOP officials in the county (district chairmen and so on).

Yes, it is unfortunate that it is called a Central Committee.

I'll be speaking about the Charter Review Ballot Measures for this November, and giving recommendations, with a few others. The Measures are proposed changes to the county charter (the "Constitution" of the county), decided by the Charter Review Commission

All of our group was either on the Commission, or wrote the pro/con statements for the ballot pamphlet, or both.

Some of us took opposing sides on some of the statements. We may not be able to come up with consensus recommendations to make to the Central Committee on all of them. I am hoping we can at least come up with consensus recommendations on four of them.

Speaking of recommendations, last night the Snohomish County GOP (in our Executive Committee meeting) made our endorsements for three statewide ballot initiatives: a repeal of the estate tax (pro), a property rights initiative (pro), and a renewable energy initiative (con). All motions were passed unanimously. slashdot.org

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