Pudge's Picks: Election Edition

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  • Washington State
    • U.S. Senate: Mike McGavick
    • State Supreme Court Justice: Stephen Johnson
    • I-920, Estate Tax Repeal: Yes
    • I-933, Property Rights: Yes
    • I-933, Renewable Energy Mandates: No
  • Congressional District
    • U.S. House, District 2: Doug Roulstone
  • Legislative District
    • State House, District 1: Mark Davies
    • State House, District 10: Barbara Bailey
    • State House, District 38: Kim Halvorson
    • State House, District 39: Dan Kristiansen
    • State House, District 39: Kirk Pearson
    • State Senate, District 44: Dave Schmidt
    • State House, District 44: Mike Hope
    • State House, District 44: Robert Legg
  • Snohomish County
    • Everett District Judge: Tam Bui
    • Charter Proposition 1, Salary Commission: Approve
    • Charter Proposition 4, Council Rules of Procedure: Approve
    • Charter Proposition 5, Elections Provisions: Approve
    • Charter Proposition 6, Performance Auditor: Approve
    • Arlington Library Capital Facility Area Bond: Approve

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