Stay the Course

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OK. The left still won't let this "stay the course" thing go.

Here's what happened. For years, Bush and others have said we should "stay the course" in Iraq. What they meant by that was clear: that we should stay in Iraq and finish the job, until the job is done.

The Democrats have been accusing the Republicans, for many months now, of being inflexible to changing situations on the ground in Iraq. They have retroactively changed the GOP's meaning of "stay the course" to match this criticism: to Democrats, a Republican saying "stay the course" means "don't change anything we're doing in Iraq," even though it's clear that's never been the intended meaning.

So the Republicans have lately been saying, "well, we haven't been saying we should 'stay the course.'" The implied (or expressed) meaning is that they have not been saying we should not be willing to make adjustments. The Democrats then say "aha! you're lying! of course you've used the exact words 'stay the course' before!"

It is true they have used those words, many times. It is not true that they ever used those words to mean what Democrats say those words mean. This whole "debate" over "stay the course" is based on the intentional misrepresentation of the meaning of the phrase by Democrats trying to capitalize on voter despair over how the war is going.

Even if some Republicans are lying by saying they never said "stay the course," it's entirely in direct response to Democrats lying about the meaning of "stay the course."

This is just one of the stupidest "debates" I've ever seen in my life.

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