Chuck Schumer Announces That He Opposes Democracy

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On Fox News Sunday today, in the context of Congressional votes in favor of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research:

If there are people who don't believe in [embryonic stem cell research], that's fine; they shouldn't impose their views on us.

I love especially how he flips it around: taking the peoples' money to pay for something is not imposing on anyone, it's NOT doing it that is imposing.

This, more than anything, really shows you the backward mindset of Chuck Schumer. It's why I have less respect for him than anyone else in politics today. If he means this, he's anti-Constitutional; if he doesn't, he's extraordinarily deceptive and manipulative (even for a politician).

I wonder what other views Senators should not "impose" on others, and when to apply this concept. Well, I don't really wonder, since I know the answer, having watched and listened to the Senator for many years: the views are whatever Schumer beleives in, and the rule is to be applied whenever Schumer says so. There's no actual logic to follow here; it's entirely arbitrary, and -- again -- against the actul text and spirit of the Constitution.

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