Election Night

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People have asked me about election night. Some thoughts:

It's going to be nice to be in the minority for awhile, even if the Senate is won by the Democrats. Maybe especially. The Democrats are going to either do nothing, or do crazy things, like try to get universal health care, more gun control, higher taxes, and so on: things Americans clearly do not want.

I am as angry with the GOP in DC as most. They have violated Republican principles many times, over and over, especially in regard to spending, social programs, and so on.

It's not that the country has moved to the left. The country remains divided, but many of those in the middle and on the right are pissed at the GOP. I know lots of people who hate the GOP who voted for them anyway. This is not like the revolution in 1994, where people were exicted at what the GOP could do. In 2006, people (except the existing liberals) are not excited about what the Democrats could do, they simply hate the GOP.

So hopefully this will wake the GOP up. No more compromising on core principles of small government. The problem of social issues -- abortion, stem cells, gay rights -- is not resolved in the GOP by a longshot. But there should be no more question that the GOP must be for actually small federal government. And much of the blame here goes to Bush.

I wish there were some other party other than the Dems to hand control over to. I disagree with them on most things, and think if given half the chance, they will ruin our economy and destroy my liberties. Thankfully, Bush still has the veto for two more years.

It's very unfortunate that many excellent candidates and initiatives lost this year just because of anti-Republican backlash. Doug Roulstone is a far superior candidate to do-nothing Rick Larsen. I-933 would have protected our property rights from the tyranny of the majority and bureaucracy. Mike McGavick would have been an invaluable voice in DC to keeping spending down and coming up with actual solutions to cutting health care costs for everyone.

But, if this convinces the GOP to fix itself, then this one year of big losses is worth it. slashdot.org

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