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So there's this study which found a correlation between higher IQ and vegetarianism.

But most likely, this has nothing to do with vegetarianism itself, but with the fact that vegetarianism is a valid and non-normal pursuit.

If you have a higher IQ, you are more likely to question normality, what society and your parents and so on are telling you. You are therefore more likely to carefully examine other options. You are therefore more likely to choose other options.

So, smarter people in a predominantly Christian culture are more likely to be non-Christians. In a predominantly atheist culture, more likely to be religious. In a predominantly (little-d!) democratic culture, more likely to be socialists or anarchists or unabombers. In a predominantly omnivorous culture, more likely to be vegetarian. If we had a predominantly vegetarian culture, surely people with higher IQs would be more likely to be omnivorous.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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