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So we have a five-year-old dying iBook. It has the right serial number, and symptoms listed there (black screen on startup), but apparently this computer model has recently gone from "Supported" to "Vintage" so they won't touch it without us paying the "preferred customer" fee of over $300.

I don't even want to know what the normal fee is.

What really kills me is that the guy on the phone tells us that three years is really old for a computer anyway, so why not just buy a new one? Besides, he goes on, $1100 for a new MacBook is not that much (um ... it's a lot more than zero, which is what I would have to pay if you covered the logic board under the repair extension program [which I know expired over a year ago]), and if you want to buy one, here's my direct phone number and I can process that for you! Yeah, pull the other one.

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