New Year, New Surplus, Same Old Story

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Last year the state of Washington had a multi-billion-dollar surplus. They spent it all, projecting the next budget would be in the red. This year, another surplus, and again, they are planning to spend it all.

Note that they say they don't want to spend it all. The surplus is $1.9 billion, and $606 million of it is "unspent" with $262 million going to a "rainy-day fund." The problem is that of the money that is spent, almost all of it is going into new budget line items, or increases to existing line items, so we are already (again) at a deficit for the next budget, and that "unspent" $606 million is, in fact, already spent on that next budget (unless they plan on cutting those new expenditures in the next budget ... ha!).

But that's OK. In two years, when taxes are going up despite multi-billion-dollar surpluses, and with the Democrats in control of both branches (governor and both houses of the legislature), it will be a lot easier for Dino Rossi to be (re-?)elected governor.

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