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One morning I woke up and this song, "Just Getting Started," was in my head. At least the main vocal hook was. The first verse came shortly after, in the shower. I'm think the song's pretty good, and the recording ain't bad.

The song is a bit of an homage to Tom Petty, but probably sounds most like his cover of The Byrds' "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better When You're Gone," right down to the Rickenbacker 12-string through a Vox. Even the guitar solo is meant to be an homage to Petty's Heartbreakers guitarist, Mike Campbell.

Just head on over to PudgeTunes to listen to it. I also updated the site so now you can click on the speaker icon to play the song inline on the web page, or click the song title to download the song.

Enjoy. Merry Christmas!

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