"Racist" "NRA" "Graphic Novel"

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So there's this supposed graphic novel supposedly from the NRA that is supposedly racist.

It's not clear it's from the NRA (although I have some evidence suggesting it may be), or that it is a graphic novel. But even less clear is that it is racist.

Sorry, I don't see it. I've seen more "racism" in The Simpsons than I see on that page, like a Christmas episode I watched tonight where Buddha appeared to Homer in a dream, and then went on to steal a car, and was caricatured as a fat Asian gangbanger. Not that I considered that scene racist, but it is at least as racist as anything here.

So how is it bad? OMG, they make it look like dangerous gangs are mostly minorities, even though in large cities in the U.S., they are, in fact, mostly minorities! OMG, they have a reasonably accurate illustration of what George Soros looks like! OMG, they dare to include blacks in a picture of people who are hostile to gun rights, even though they are! (Compass, for example -- supported by Nagin -- was the perpetrator of the clearest violation of our Constitutional right to bear arms in recent memory) OMG, they show a white person with a gun, to protect his family from shadowy figures that we assume must of course be minorities, because of all the racism we've incorrectly inferred already!

Oh, and apart from the false claims of racism, let's not forget the false claims of partisanship: the page claims this is pro-GOP and anti-Democrat, even though they show only three politicians, and one of those is a Republican: NYC Mayor Bloomberg (the others being NOLA Mayor Nagin and Senator Clinton).

I see nothing objectionable in anything printed from the "graphic novel" (if that's what it is) here, apart from standard objections I have with politically motivated illustrations in general (over-the-top rhetoric etc.), though it's far less objectionable even on that scale than most leftwing stuff I've seen. I am in the middle of reading a graphic novel based on The Probability Broach, a libertarian novel, which is objectionable to me in the same ways: demonizing the opposition; giving an unfair, biased, and myopic vision of your perspective; etc. Like what is on DailyKos, daily. Except illustrated.


Welp, it's almost Christmas. I have one more present to wrap before bed, aposter-sized Chagall calendar for the lady ... oh wait, Chagall is a Jew, I almost forgot! Eek!

Once again, Merry Christmas, y'all. slashdot.org

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