Update on NRA "Graphic Novel"

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I e-mailed the author of a DailyKos story (actually, sent him a myspace message, because I couldn't find his email address, and have no dailykos login to use, but googling him turned up a myspace account I could send a message to!) about the aforementioned NRA "graphic novel" and he linked to my image and gave me props. Ironically, his nickname is "GoSlash27."

That's right, kind words about me in a frontpage dailykos story. Mark your calendar, folks!

Frankly, I see nothing wrong with this NRA publication, again, apart from the too-far rhetoric, but nothing I don't see on both sides of issues, and certainly not even a hint of racism. Now, I've not yet read the text. Maybe tonight. But the images seem fine to me. slashdot.org

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