Gentlemen, Start Your Grandstanding

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Today there was a school shooting in Tacoma. One student died, apparently at the hands of another kid, an 18-year old student. Already, certain WA politicians are trying to say that we would be safer with more gun laws.

No matter that none of the laws they are proposing -- closing the so-called "gun show loophole," banning so-called "assault weapons," requiring trigger locks and safe storage of firearms -- would have prevented this killing: it was not an "assault weapon" but a handgun, and even if this gun was taken from someone who didn't lock it up, or was purchased through a "loophole," there's no reason to think the suspect couldn't have procured a similar weapon through other legal means.

This is just politicians exploiting a tragedy to push a tangential agenda. Nothing new there, I suppose.

But this is Washington. The Seattle Mayor said Washington has some of the "weakest" gun laws in the nation. Most Washingtonians think we have some of the best gun laws in the nation, and there's a good reason why the Democrat-controlled state legislature has largely stayed away from gun control legislation: they want to retain control of the legislature.

However, this, and the recent federal election, is cause for me to consider getting an "assault weapon" this year, before it's too late. I bought a gun in December, so we have three for the household (two Ruger handguns, one S&W). I want a shotgun next, but considering the political climate, it may be more prudent to get an AR-15 or somesuch first.

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