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Of course, almost all online polls are useless. But some are exceptional apart from being online. This one about Islam and America is funny because the questions are so bad. All require either a Yes or No response.

Do you consider Islam to be a peaceful religion?

Well, no. Nor do I consider it a violent religion. I don't think of it in such terms. So my answer is No, but is very different from many others who might answer No.

Do you consider Islam to be a tolerant religion?

See above.

Would America be a better country if it were a Muslim country?

No, but neither do I think it would be a better country if it were a Christian country.

Should America place equal emphasis on the Koran and the Bible?

No, but I don't think it should place any emphasis on either. Hm, I guess that means Yes, actually, since zero equals zero.

Would it be good for America to have more Muslims in elected offices?

No, but neither would it be bad.

Would you vote for a Muslim for president?

This is not a fair question: I cannot answer either Yes or No, unless I have a candidate to choose from. A better question might be something like, "would you exclude someone from your vote for President if they were Muslim?"

As a general rule, are women treated better in America than in a Muslim country?

It depends on what you mean by "better," and which Muslim country. Also, I don't know much about many Muslim countries (there's quite a few of them), so I can't even give an educated response.

Is America too dependent on Muslim countries for oil?

No, because we are as dependent as we should be, by definition. :-)

Do Muslim countries do more than America to help the poor?

How should I know? And by what standards?

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