Not a Budget Increase! Totally Swear!

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A Democratic legislator here in Washington state said that the drastic increase in the size of the state budget is not really a budget increase. Because, you see, the budget was both cut several years ago, and not allowed to grow much in other years, so it's not really increasing by tens of millions, it's just being adjusted to where it should have been all along.

One Democrat in DC this weekend said on a Sunday talk show that they were not going to raise taxes, but they might have to adjust the AMT in a revenue-neutral way ... that this would require taxes to go up for some people should not be misconstrued as a tax increase of any kind!

Says Governor Gregoire, she is not planning to spend more money on education and welfare and environmental cleanup. She explicitly denied she was spending, saying that, rather, she is "investing."

Also, I am not saying these Democrats are manipulative jerks. No. I am saying they are "snuggly."

State rep Hans Dunshee, ever the "intellectual," said that since they have the money, they are therefore going to send kids to college with it. "We do it in our families, we'll do it with the state budget."

Although his fellow 44th District rep Jon Lovick takes the cake this week. He said that to help curb ever-increasing car thefts, people could voluntarily put a sticker on their car that would give police permission to stop them and doublecheck to make sure their car is not stolen.

I made up none of the above.

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