Bush's Military Plan

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I've heard not one convincing argument that Bush's plan has no chance to significantly increase Iraq's chances of having a stable government and country.

Because of that, I am in favor of it. Even if you think Iraq was a bad idea and that we shouldn't be there and so on, we owe it to Iraq, to our taxpayers, and to our soldiers to try to make this work, doing something that has a chance, that we've not tried.

Maybe if this fails, we go home. I dunno. But I am willing to give at least this one more chance.

I heard Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Adviser under Carter, who said that this is not a "military strategy, but a military tactic ... which is not going to alter the problems we confront," and that it is not a political strategy.

As to the latter, the political strategy remains unchanged: help create stability so Iraq can get down to fixing its problems. As to the former, the strategy is clear: the extra manpower gives you more ability to clear and hold, which is then going to help create the aforementioned stability.

I don't think the plan is perfect, but it seems like a reasonable one, that has a real chance of working. slashdot.org

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