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I am watching the local news last night, and there's a story about Port of Seattle cops who sent "racist" and pornographic emails to each other using government computers and so on.

From the story:

One of the videos sent from an officer to a friend shows a man laughing at and making derogatory remarks about Hispanic culture and a group of Latino men who want a job for the day.

"That's the good thing about (beep). They're always willing to work," he says.
Instead of taking the men to a job, he drives up to an INS office and honks the horn.

OK, um, nothing in the video they showed, or in this quote, is racist. Maybe it was racist, but I am not going to take their word for it. It's against illegal immigrants, as best I can tell, not any race. But it gets better/worse:

We showed the video to Roberto Maestas, director of El Centro de la Raza, a Seattle non-profit that's fought for equality for minorities and the Latino community for 35 years.

"I think it's sick, tragic, dehumanizing, to make fun of people, who all they want to do is work," said Maestas.

First of all, if you want to show me a group that will say this is bad, show me one with some credibility, not La Raza, which has some racist problems of its own. Second, he didn't even say it is racist, but merely against illegal workers.

And third, you actually want me to believe that it is a bad thing for police officers to think it is funny to mock people who are breaking the law? Are you serious?

Again, maybe there were some terrible racist things in those videos or emails, but I have been presented no evidence whatsoever to believe it.

However, there was porn sent around, and that's an open-and-shut case, really, so it's not like I am saying these cops did nothing wrong. Sending around the porn was just grade-A stupid. slashdot.org

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