Sigh ... More WA Democratic Evilness, This Time Fixing Court Elections

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In Washington, Democrats usually get more money than Republicans for their campaigns. Not always, but the large majority of the time. One exception to this is the nonpartisan judicial races, where the "Republican" candidates often get a lot more money.

So now the Democratic Governor wants taxpayer-funded judicial elections. How much you wanna bet that if the Democratic candidates got more money, she wouldn't care?

I'll go along, Governor, if you don't limit it to judicial races. Why single those out, apart from your obvious bias? There's no actual logical reason. Sure, you might think money in judicial races is distasteful, but your thoughts are irrelevant: the law doesn't agree with you. It does not distinguish. People who say judicial races should not be political are saying the state Constitution is wrong, because it explicitly makes judicial races political.

If you want to make it so judges are not elected, let's talk about that. But as long as they are elected, they are political races, and should operate just like any other political races.

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