Gwen Ifill Misrepresents Dick Cheney

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Gwen Ifill totally misrepresented what Dick Cheney said on CNN today. She said:

A final question, and for you both, and once again from Vice President Cheney. His interview, Senator Hagel, today at CNN, he said that part of what's going on here is that people do not have the stomach to complete this mission. Senator Hagel, your response to that?

Senator Hagel reacted very negatively toward Cheney based on Ifill's description, but her description was a total fabrication. What he actually said was entirely different:

The pressure is from some quarters to get out of Iraq. ... If we were to do that, we would simply validate the terrorists' strategy that says the Americans will not stay to complete the task, that we don't have the stomach for the fight.

He was saying we DO have the stomach for the fight, not that we DON'T. It's hard to believe her mischaracterization was accidental.

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