Pats by 24

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In my previous entry about the Pats, I should have factored in the Jets.

You see, the Pats three biggest rivals under Brady and Belichick have been who? The Steelers, Colts, and Jets. And every playoff game under B/B in years they went to the AFC Championship were won by three points except for games against their rivals, which were won by 7, 10, 14, 17, and 21.

So, Pats by 24.

I am probably the only one making that prediction. But if I am right, I will have bragging rights for time immemorial.

Oh, and also, everyone is still picking the Colts. For the same reason: they are "due." Yeah, they were due in '04 too, and they lost by 17. They might win, but it won't be because they are "due."

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