Another Reason to Homeschool

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I know this is old news, I just never got around to it before.

Texas is requiring 11-year-old girls in public schools to get a vaccine that only lasts three years as far as we know, that prevents a disease you can only get through sexual contact, that costs $360 per person to administer.

If I were a Texas parent, I'd be pissed off as both a parent and a taxpayer. I have absolutely no reservations in saying that this is merely the result of a FUD campaign to make money for the pharmaceutical companies. This action is simply not warranted by the facts, scientific and otherwise.

Most girls do not become sexually active until they are age 14 or later, at which point the science says this vaccination may no longer be effective anyway -- Merck and the governments involved don't readily let you in on that little secret, and in fact Merck lies on its website about it by falsely claiming girls will be protected later if they take it now -- and further, we don't know what the side effects may be for giving a repeat treatment later. So if you are going to require it, considering the cost, why not wait until a much more significant number of the girls would actually be at risk? Giving it to these girls this early could be harmful, because it may prevent them getting the vaccine later when they actually need it.

I shudder for these ignorant parents who trust their government and go along with the vaccination when their daughters are in sixth grade, only to find out they contracted the cancer this vaccine was supposed to prevent later, when they were seniors in high school.

It should come as no surprise that the main body suggesting this as a mandatory requirement is Merck, the company that makes the drug. If they actually provided it only to people who were at risk, their profits would pale in comparison to if it were made mandatory, especially in huge states like Texas. And yeah,

Governor Rick Perry, who created the requirement, said the cervical cancer vaccine is no different from the one that protects children against polio. I think he means apart from the fact that polio is spread through casual contact and human papillomavirus is only spread by a penis being inserted into a vagina.

You cannot get this virus through casual contact. You can't get it from someone else forgetting to wash their hands. You can only get it because you chose to have sex, or because someone forced sex upon you.

In the former case, if you are responsible enough to have sex, then you're responsibile enough to take precautions (including taking the vaccine voluntarily, if you so choose). In the latter case, why not just require all girls to wear chastity belts? That would prevent even MORE diseases! Hell, we don't need doctors, just locksmiths!

There's no way in hell I would let the government force this on any children of mine. The governments of this country keep giving me more and more reasons to homeschool.

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