Ben & Jerry Deception

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Ben & Jerry were on Colbert touting their TrueMajority web site. They said, go to the web site and get a free frisbee. So I went to the web site and signed up for a free frisbee.

I was then notified by e-mail that I had signed up to be a member of their organization. I did not. I find their principles to be silly, naive, and in some cases flatly unconstitutional.

They did not say on the web site I would be joining their group, they only said "sign up and get a free frisbee." I thought I was signing up for the frisbee, not to be a member of their organization, and nothing on the page or in the form implied otherwise. Their founder, Ben, said on Colbert only that "anyone who visits the web site -- any one of your fans -- gets a free one of these [frisbees]." He said nothing about joining the organization. (Also, many people were turned away from getting a frisbee, as they didn't have enough to meet demand, so he was misleading about that too.)

They say they have over 500,000 members, but that number cannot be trusted, because there's no telling how many of those "members" were, like me, signed up deceptively.

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