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I chaired today's Republican caucus for County Council District 1. Sixteen people showed up, for the purpose of electing delegates to the County Convention in April, and for getting together to talk about a few other things.

Our County Councilman was unable to attend, but his deputy showed up and told us what was going on, and fielded questions. He is not up for election, though; the only partisan race this year for our district is the County Executive, and our current sheriff is running for that office as a Republican. I love his domain name (as in, Electrick Bart).

We held a straw poll for President in 2008. Out of the sixteen in attendance, 8 voted for Fred Thompson. That's excellent, considering he just announced he was thinking of running a week or so ago, and has only recently gotten significant press attention regarding his potential candidacy; he fills the conservative void that McCain, Giuliani, and Romney -- the only other three candidates widely seen as having a good chance to win the nomination -- have been unable to fill. Gingrich and McCain tied for second with three votes each, and Hunter and Giuliani each got a vote. I'll be interested to see what the countywide poll results are.

There's also talk about Washington moving its primary to February, as California did. My guess is that almost all states will move to February, if not this year, than the following election. Our future in this country is probably going to have Iowa, New Hampshire, and a few others in January, and everyone else on the same date in February. I like having all the primaries on the same date, but I wish it were later in the year, like May or June. This will make it very difficult for lesser-known candidates to establish any sort of momentum.

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