No One Is Right But Me!

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I watched the Sunday shows today and none of them -- Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press, This Week -- could get the story right about Alberto Gonzales and Friday's memo. Everyone I saw -- including conservatives like George Will -- got it wrong. They all said that Gonzales appeared to have conflicting stories, which is simply false if you read the transcript.

Jamie posted the transcript, highlighting the areas in question. Oddly, I think he believes the transcript proves me wrong, when nothing could be further from the truth. Jamie's highlighted areas show that he was claiming, quite specifically, to be uninvolved in "the process of determining who were the weak performers." And this memo does not, in any way, contradict that claim, as the meeting it refers to happened after that process took place.

Gonzales never stated or implied he was not involved in the actual firing of the attorneys, which is what this meeting was about. He only stated he was not involved in the process of determining which people would be on the list of people to be fired.

I don't know why no one but me -- and Gonzales' JD spokesman quoted in the original story -- seems capable of understanding this simple and clear fact.

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