Nancy Pelosi: Hypocritical Schoolmarm

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Nancy Pelosi idiotically said in response to the President's veto threat the other day, "Calm down with the threats. There's a new Congress in town. We respect your constitutional role. We want you to respect ours."

Wha -- ? It is the President's constitutional role to veto bills. It's not disrespecting your constitutional role for him to threaten a veto for a provision he dislikes. That is, in fact, asserting his own constitutional role.

On the other hand, Pelosi is playing diplomat to Syria next week, against the wishes of the President. And that is, quite clearly and specifically, disrespecting the President's constitutional role as the nation's chief diplomat.

And no, it is not just a visit to say Yo to al-Assad. Her spokesman said:

As recommended by the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan delegation led by Speaker Pelosi intends to discuss a wide range of security issues affecting the United States and the Middle East with representatives of governments in the region, including Syria.

Maybe Pelosi has never actually read the Constitution.

It would explain a lot.

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