I Am Spider-Man 2

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I have Spider-Man 2 for PS2. Pretty good game, except that I get stuck on a particuar level and can't continue. It is a GTA-like game -- non-linear, go wherever you want -- except that GTA is better (in this context) because it is rare that a single mission blocks you from continuing at all, and when that does happen, if you're really stuck, you can usually find a way to cheat (fine, cheating may suck, but it's better than not being able to play at all).

In between missions in the game, you generally help citizens in varying amounts of distress, such as catching kids' lost balloons. I felt like I was stuck in this game on Saturday.

I went to an Easter parade (walking in support of Tom Greene for County Sheriff), and we had a 1921 Dodge Brothers car to walk with. The parade started late, so the car overheated, so we had to push it to a start. We got it to the top of the hill, and it started, but then it overheated again.

The parade was mostly downhill, so I gave it small pushes throughout ... until we got to the bottom of the hill and the end of the parade, at which point I had to, almost by myself, push it UP a hill. I got it about halfway, pushing as hard as I could, and then I just had to give up, as my body gave out; by that time, others had come along and got it the rest of the way. (250 hero points!)

Exhausted (proving I am not Spider-Man), I sat down on a fire hydrant for a few minutes, then slowly trudged back toward my car, a dozen blocks away. I got a few blocks, and a 10-year-old kid came running up behind me. He had come with Tom, and Tom's wife had smartly told the kids there to look around at everyone with Tom's group, in case they got separated, so they could ask for help. Well, he did get separated, saw me, and asked for help finding Tom. I gladly accepted the task, and walked a few blocks with him to find Tom, who was back where I dropped off the now-despised car. (150 hero points!)

I returned toward my own car, and halfway there, a child dropped his balloon, which I retrieved. (100 hero points!)

And to top it all off, just like in the game, I took the wrong turn on my way back to the car and had to walk a few extra blocks to get back.

Merely coincidentally, I also got a Spider-Man Mr. Potato Head for Easter. slashdot.org

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