The Most Powerful Most Recent Politician You've Never Heard Of

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Alben Barkley was elected Vice President in 1948, on Harry Truman's ticket. He is the most recent executive I had never heard of.

He served in Congress from 1913-1927, and the Senate from 1927-1949 (as Democratic leader for the last 12 of those), and was Vice President from 1949-1953. Forty consecutive years. Then he served in the Senate again from 1955 until his death by heart attack in April 1956.

He was 71 years old when he was elected Vice President. He got married that same age, to a woman half his age, and he ran for President himself when he was 75. His final words were, "I would rather be a servant in the House of the Lord than to sit in the seats of the mighty," which translated might mean, "I would rather die while serving in the Senate, than in the White House."

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