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I saw the recent Jonestown documentary on Sunday.

I knew Jim Jones was screwed up, but I had no idea how much. He made boyloving Catholic priests look almost normal. He said he was the only heterosexual on the planet, and offered sex to the men in his group, you know, if they wanted it, no big deal. He would at one time preach from the Bible and then say the Bible is useless nonsense.

And I had no idea that Jones' followers murdered Congressman Leo Ryan (along with some of his entourage) in Jonestown, shortly before the mass murder/suicide with the spiked punch, and that this is essentially what precipitated the over-900 deaths: Jones knew they would not get away with killing Ryan, so he had everyone die.

Of course, I knew about the murder of the Jonestown residents, including injecting poison into children, as they were held down. But in the documentary they played the actual audio of Jones during this massacre, telling people to stop crying, to be strong as they killed their own children.

Some of the few survivors were interviewed, including one man who saw his wife and son murdered that day. He held them as they foamed at the mouth and died.

I am going to stop writing about this now before I say something profane. I just wanted to post this because I had no idea just how screwed up Jim Jones and Jonestown was.

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