Hillary Grasps At Straws on Guns

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MODERATOR: Senator Clinton, a question for you: Did the government -- did any role that federal government plays fail those students at Virginia Tech?


You know, I remember very well when I accompanied Bill to Columbine after that massacre and met with the family members of those who had been killed and talked with the students, and feeling that we had to do more to try to keep guns out of the hands of the criminal and of the mentally unstable.

And during the Clinton administration, that was a goal -- not to, in any way, violate people's Second Amendment rights, but to try to limit access to people who should not have guns.

Unfortunately, we saw the tragedy unfold at Virginia Tech. We now know that the background check system didn't work, because certainly this shooter, as he's called, had been involuntarily committed as a threat to himself and others. And, yet, he could walk in and buy a gun.

So the federal government failed those students at Virginia Tech by Virginia's failure to follow federal law that prohibited Cho from purchasing a gun.

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