Biden Lies About His Age, Pretends He Violated the Constitution

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On Meet the Press this week, Senator Joe Biden said: "I was 29 years old when I came to the U.S. Senate."

If that's true, then he violated Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution, which requires Senators to be 30 years old.

However, he was in fact 30 when he became Senator. He turned 30 shortly after being elected, and over a month before taking office.

(Obviously, the title to this journal is tongue-in-cheek.)

Had he been born a month and a half later, he could not have run for the Senate that year, being ineligible. Would he have become Senator eventually? Maybe he would have become governor, and then he actually would have had a great chance at the Presidency.


Sojourner said:

This may become a popular place to visit now that Joe is veep candidate.

One more is his lifelong autofictionography.

These may be rhetorical questions, but if Joe "can't distinguish truth from fiction" Biden heads the Judiciary committe, what integrity can we assume in the judiciary?

As Vice-President, what more could we expect?

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