Janeane Garofalo is Stupid (or, Reality-Based Community, My Ass, Part Four)

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I've posted before about how Janeane Garofalo is stupid. Here's another one.

I am watching Henry Rollins tonight, and she has her own little bit that she does on there. She is rambling about her dog and how they wear this thing that some people think is a muzzle, and how it's not, and they are scared by her dogs because of their misunderstanding. "And therein lies the problem of the conservative movement in general, and the conservative ideology."

Ooooooo K.

"It is buttressed and girded by misperception," she says. Then she reads off some quote, "'We contemplate the meaning of right mindfulness, right view, right intention, right understanding. Self-reflection means genuinely asking what are we doing, and why are we doing it?' That is exactly NOT, NOT the modus operandi of the ruling Republican body of this country, the ruling Republican ethos of the news media, and, unfortunately, for about fifty percent of the population, how they live their life. They are actually anti-self-reflective, anti-socially responsible, and genuniely disinterested. They seem to have a genuine distaste for evidence."

Translation: if you are in the half of the country that disagrees with Jeneane Garofalo, then you aren't thoughtful or reflective or responsible and you are ignoring the truth. But if you do agree with her then you are an enlightened person.

Of course, these sorts of ignorant logical fallacies -- ad hominem + question-begging = closed-minded self-righteousness -- are precisely her own modus operandi.

She probably likes to use the idiotic term 'reality-based community,' too. slashdot.org

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