Greenwald Flat-Out Lies Again, As Usual, Ho Hum

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George Bush justified the sweeping expansion of FISA back in October of 2001 by insisting that the changes allowed full-scale surveillance of all modern means of communications -- including email and cell phones.

Yet now, his own Director of National Intelligence, when seeking still further expansions of the government's surveillance powers, goes to the Washington Post and flat-out says that FISA has not been changed since 1978 and has not been updated to reflect technological changes such as cell phones and email.

Except that Mike McConnell said no such thing, "flat-out" or otherwise. What he said was that it has not been changed "to reflect technological advancements," not that it has not been changed at all.

The thing I don't understand is that Greenwald is a lawyer and a writer, so how can he make so many language mistakes, if that's all things like this are? And he actually may have a decent point here, so why screw up that point by saying something that is blatantly untrue?

Reality-based community, my ass.

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