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I got a notice that a 15-year-old boy is being released into my neighborhood as a sex offender. He was convicted last summer of Residential Burglary with Sexual Motivation.

I went online to get more details. The county web site notes, "This conviction was the result of [him] entering the residence of a known neighbor, viewing pornography on the victim's computer and masturbating."

There is a little more to it, apparently. The kid is obviously disturbed. "[He] has admitted to going into this residence on several occasions doing the same thing. Previously in 2005 [he] was convicted of Residential Burglary for the same behavior and was given a deferred sentence. As a result of that conviction [he] attended Sexually Aggressive Youth treatment. After four months the deferred sentence was revoked due to inappropriate sexual behavior."

Still, I think I'll worry less about him, than the child rapist who lives nearby. He admitted to raping four children between 2 and 13, some of them over a period of five years, and he served a whole 28 weeks in juvenile detention in 1993. He was found guilty with failing to register as a sex offender when he was 20, in 1998, but served no additional time.

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