Feminism is Obsolete

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Why does feminism even exist anymore? Some silly feminist was on Colbert tonight and she was so desperate for issues she had to make some up.

She said, "women can't even go to their pharmacies and get birth control without it being denied them." Obviously untrue: the overwhelming majority of pharmacies offer birth control. Even almost all of those that won't offer the morning after pill still offer birth control.

Then she said of the recent court decision, "the Supreme Court just basically limited women's ability to sue their employers for pay discrimination." Also false. It has nothing to do specifically with women, but with any "protected class," and it wasn't the Court that limited anything, it was the Congress.

And why would a feminist think women need such special protection in the first place?

Her opening point was that feminism is about things like access to birth control, pay equity, and fighting against rape and domestic violence. Those were her only examples. Do you know anyone who disagrees with any of those things? I don't. slashdot.org

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