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In the wake of all this Paris Hilton coverage, people are defending it by saying things like, "when you ask people what they watch on TV they say PBS NewsHour, but they actually watch American Idol" and "we are obssessed with Paris Hilton" and "we know it is bad for us and we feel guilty but we can't get enough."

I do watch NewsHour. I don't have a problem with American Idol. I could not care less about Paris Hilton.

Indeed, Colbert joked the other night that Paris Hilton was back in jail, and he was sad to break the news to us. The joke being that everyone already knew. If I had not glanced at's front page the other day and saw that, I would not have known. Colbert's saying so WOULD have been news to me.

I am not trying to say I am better than anyone else. I am saying, if you really think NewsHour is good and Paris Hilton is bad, then do what I do and change the damned channel.

And if you haven't seen it yet, check out Tommy Chong ripping an MSNBC anchor a new one over their inane coverage of Paris Hilton. Now, he got a little stupid when he implied MSNBC (home of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews) is being controlled b the Republican Party, but the rest is really good.

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