Romney on Abortion

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It's really bizarre to me that people are saying Romney is a flip-flopper on abortion, that he was firmly "pro-choice" as the governor of Massachusetts.

I was there. I remember the debates and everything. NOBODY thought Romney was pro-choice at the time. He vowed to maintain the state's pro-choice laws, because that is what the people clearly wanted and it would have been counterproductive to try to change it. But he clearly was pro-life. He just wasn't going to waste time and energy pushing that policy.

Now, I know he has changed somewhat on this issue since 2002. His "epiphany," supposedly, is about how his personal view on abortion now has more of a public policy role. It is possible that he really did have some epiphany to that end, I don't know. But it doesn't change the fact that everyone in Massachusetts in 2002, that I know of, on all sides of the issue, considered Romney to be pro-life, even though he vowed to not try to change the law of the state to reflect that.

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