Active Players Who Played For the Hartford Whalers

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Glen Wesley was traded by the Boston Bruins to the Hartford Whalers in '94. He is still with the same franchise, now the Carolina Hurricanes. He will turn 39 in October, and just signed a one-year contract.

Other active players on the last Hartford team, 10 years ago: Ducks' 2003 Stanley Cup MVP (and 2007 Stanley Cup winner) Jean-Sebastien Giguere (he was 19, and played 8 games); Rangers' Brenadan Shanahan and Marek Malik; Kings' Sean Burke; Lightning's Nolan Pratt; Flyers' Sami Kapanen and Geoff Sanderson; and Leafs' Jeff O'Neill.

Not sure why anyone should care, but I find it marginally interesting.

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