Libby Pardon

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I do not at this time support a pardon for Libby. I am not convinced that Libby committed any crime, and I think that it is quite likely that he was convicted not for perjury, but "the leak," given the nonsensical claims made by the jury foreman, who said jurors were wondering why Rove was not charged.

But if in fact he was properly convicted of perjury based on the actual evidence of perjury -- I certainly wasn't remotely convinced, and I don't see how anyone can think there was no reasonable doubt he wasn't merely mistaken, but I wasn't there -- then he should not be pardoned, nor should his sentence have been commuted.

But the President and his people did follow the case closely, and if they did this because they think the conviction was a sham that didn't prove perjury or obstruction at all, but instead was because of the leak itself, then it's justified. I won't say I agree with it, because I didn't follow it closely enough to come to a conclusion, and unless I can do that, I have to fall down on the side of law and order, which means his conviction and sentence should be upheld.

But that doesn't mean I think Bush is wrong to commute or pardon him. It just means I would only support such actions based on a judgment I don't know enough to make.

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